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    37x PDF reader, 18x security programs and multiple graphic
    programs? With the Portfolio Management Platform I will
    consolidate this “Software Zoo” and reduce my purchasing costs.

Reduce the “Software Zoo” and Lower Your Purchasing Costs

A lot of license purchasers or procurement managers are interested in optimizing the purchasing of their licenses. They are always looking for opportunities to save money and reduce time and effort spent. Some of them have an idea that their software inventory still holds a lot of untapped potential for optimization - and their feeling is right! Most of them are facing a real “zoo” of functionally-identical software in their company, for example, with 37 different PDF readers, 18 different security programs and several different graphics programs.

  • Software Zoo: “I think we might have a real "software zoo" at the company, with a lot of different PDF readers, security programs and graphics programs.”
  • Arsenal of manufactures: “That means, we have a lot of software with the same functionality, but from different manufacturers.”
  • Smaller purchasing volumes: “Because I purchase smaller quantities of licenses, I have to negotiate with a whole range of manufacturers, which results in less favorable prices and unnecessary time and effort spent."
  • Lack of precise data: “I can't say with 100% certainty how much functionally-identical software we actually have at the company."
“If only I knew exactly how many different software programs in our company have the same functionality, then I could certainly consolidate them.”

What I need:

  • More insight into which of my software offers duplicate functions
  • An understanding of my savings potential, e.g. through consolidation
  • The ability to make educated decisions based on data and facts

Reduce Your Purchasing and Transaction Costs

The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform offers you, as the license purchaser or procurement manager, more insight into functionally-identical software at your company. It gives you the ability to consolidate functionally-identical software so that you can negotiate with fewer manufacturers for larger volumes to considerably reduce your purchasing and transaction costs.

The Portfolio Management Platform regularly provides you with the information you need to take action so you can reduce your “Software Zoo” down to programs from just a few, or even one, manufacturer. Since you now purchase larger quantities from fewer manufacturers, you are in a better position to negotiate lower costs with the individual manufacturers.

Before: Resource-intensive “Software Zoo”

An unnecessary high stock of software with same functions, which you have to buy, feed, care for, replace.

After: Resource-protecting Software Stock

Reduced software stock after consolidation, so you have less software to care for and can reduce your purchasing and operating costs.

The following customer example shows you how you can reduce your costs by consolidating security software*:

Total software costs 100%
Amount of security software, as part of your total software costs 18%
Total number of vendors with security solutions 14
Total number of vendors with security solutions (after consolidation) 4
Reduction of cost for security software by consolidating vendors 20.1%

* This example does not include the savings due to fewer support requests and training requirements.

Easily Identify Your Software With Same Functions

The COMPAREX dashboard shows you your existing software and its functions. With this information, you can decide which of the functionally-identical software should continue to be used and which should not.

Your Benefits at a Glance


 Reduce your purchasing and operating costs:

  • Reduce the number of functionally-identical programs
  • Negotiate lower costs by purchasing in larger volumes
  • Take care of less maintenance contracts
  • Cut down time and effort

Become an active driver of your business success:

  • Keep a handle on software procurement
  • Understand more about the functions of your software
  • Manage buyouts and larger saving propositions

Make yourself a more valuable employee:

  • Provide added value to the entire company
  • Gain the upper hand in software discussions
  • Create verifiable added value to achieve your personal goals and strengthen your role at the company

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The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform achieves transparency on software and hardware configuration of clients and servers.

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