Microsoft Cloud Solutions by COMPAREX

An increasing number of companies are aware of the benefits cloud solutions offer to optimise their IT infrastructure. Most of our customers strive to increase cost effectiveness, leverage mobile workforce or wish to improve alignment with their customers and partners. As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) COMPAREX provides a high level of support as well as a new licensing model which helps to increase productivity at the lowest possible cost, tailored to meet your organisation’s individual requirements.


Flexibility in Licensing

Only pay for what you use

Managed & Supported by COMPAREX

Flexibility in Licensing

COMPAREX offers two payment models: Cloud Flex and Cloud Commit.

With Cloud Flex you get full flexibility. Shortterm demands can be covered immediately. You can also decrease the number of subscriptions at any time.

If you are able to plan your required resources upfront for a longer term, Cloud Commit would be your choice.

Whether you choose Cloud Flex or Cloud Commit you will receive one single bill for all your Cloud Services on a monthly or annual basis.

Only pay for what you use

You can order Microsoft Cloud Solutions in addition to your existing Microsoft volume licensing contracts or stand-alone.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions allow you to flexibly add new licenses when they are required and also help to reduce costs caused by resources that are not used. They also enable you to easily adapt to project based or seasonally dependant workloads. In a nutshell: You only pay for what you use.

Supported by COMPAREX


Global Expertise but local Support

COMPAREX is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider with a professional Cloud Service Desk. We offer you quick and easy support for all your first-level support questions.
You can choose between the included Cloud Basic Support or a 24/7 Premier Support Contract.


A clear View on Azure Consumption

Azure with COMPAREX comes with a clear view on Consumption. Obtain usage transparency and maximum cost optimization with the included basic Dashboard Service of COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring.


Cloud Academy

Get the best out of your Microsoft Cloud Solutions with adapted user trainings offered by the COMPAREX CloudCampus

 Cloud Solutions that truly fit Your Needs for Productivity and Security

  •  Microsoft Azure
  •  Microsoft 365 F1/Business/Enterprise
  •  Microsoft Office 365 F1/Business/Enterprise
  •  Visual Studio
  •  Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central
  •  Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
  •  Windows 10 Enterprise
  •  Microsoft Intune

In addition, you can order a wide range of stand-alone cloud subscriptions.


Additional Information

Microsoft Cloud Solutions by COMPAREX (PDF-Flyer)

Do you want to know what advantages Microsoft Cloud Solutions by COMPAREX offers compared to other licensing models? Download the flyer for more details.

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