Microsoft OPEN

Microsoft Open is for small to midsize organizations with five or more desktop PCs that want a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement.

Enterprises of any size need to keep their costs in line, preserve their liquidity, and find alternate ways to finance their IT. To meet these demands, Microsoft offers different ways of purchasing and paying the required software licenses with different volume licensing programs.

Reduce expenses through professional license management

Especially the Microsoft licensing programs simplify license management in your company. With the help of a professional license management you can identify the software you really need for your work. Thus you avoid over-licensing, unnecessary purchases as well as support. This aims at reducing costs and effort for license administration as well as system management.

Open License

Open License is a good choice if you are a corporate, academic, charitable, or government organization that wants to pay as you go. You must have a minimum initial purchase of five software licenses for an Open License agreement, but you can acquire additional licensed products through Open License in any quantity at any time during the two-year agreement term.

Open Value

Open Value is the recommended program if you have a small to midsize organization with five or more desktop PCs and want to simplify license management, manage software costs, and get better control over your investment. It also includes Software Assurance, providing access to valuable benefits such as training, deployment planning, software upgrades, and product support help you boost the productivity of your entire organization.

Open Value Subscription License

Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open Program options with the flexibility to reduce the total licensing costs in years when the desktop PC count declines. This option gives your organization the rights to run the software throughout your organization only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft. You also have the ability to add the single platform option to an Open Value Subscription agreement.

Open Value Company-Wide

Open Value Company-Wide option offers predictable annual payments, low long-term costs, and a simple way to manage licenses. You get additional savings opportunities and a single price per desktop PC (minimum five licenses) to organizations that want to standardize all their desktop PCs on one or more Microsoft enterprise products. This option also provides an agreement that helps you better predict your costs during the three year term. You agree to acquire licenses and Software Assurance for the licensed product you select for all your organization and its affiliates’ qualified desktop PCs. An annual desktop PC price based on your count of qualified desktop PCs allows you to run any licensed product version on any PC.


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