Azure Migrate – Perfect Support for the Path to the Cloud

Leipzig, 04/11/2018 – As its name implies, Azure Migrate assists customers during the process of migrating to Azure. Microsoft offers instructions, insights, and mechanisms that are intended to make the path to the cloud as straightforward as possible so this process can be implemented rapidly.

Azure Migrate uses an appliance-based, agentless approach to offer the following services:

  • Detection and evaluation of virtual machines and servers onsite,

  • Integrated dependency mapping, which ensures the successful migration of multi-tier applications,

  • Intelligent rightsizing for Azure virtual machines,

  • Compatibility reporting with guidelines for resolving potential problems,

  • Seamless workload replication to Azure to simplify migration,

  • Integration with the database management service for DB detection and migration.

Simply put, Azure Migrate analyzes the systems for VMware environments and calculates the resources required for Azure. A big advantage is that monthly operating costs for local machines in Azure can also be estimated as part of the process.

Until Azure Migrate is released, customers can sign up for a limited preview which facilitates detection, cost analysis, and configuration recommendations for VMware-based environments. Along with integrated migration via server replication to Azure, Hyper-V and physical environments will also be adopted in the next few months.

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