Azure Monetary Commitment and Azure Marketplace Expanded

Leipzig, 04/12/2018 – As recently announced, customers can use the Azure Monetary Commitment for services they have purchased via the Azure Marketplace.

Until now, customers have received a separate billing for all services they have purchased via the Azure Marketplace. The most commonly used and most popular services can now also be billed via Azure Monetary Commitment from 1 March 2018.

Customers are constantly on the lookout for additional options for using the pre-payment made in the form of Azure Monetary Commitment according to Microsoft. The IT group would therefore like to meet the requirements of its customers and expand the spectrum of uses for Monetary Commitment. Apart from that, users benefit from a simpler accounting experience and can be sure that they will make optimum use of their Azure Monetary Commitment.

Which services are affected by this change?

Microsoft will indicate all services that can be billed via the Monetary Commitment on the Azure Marketplace with a disclaimer in the coming weeks. This will be visible by the end of the fiscal year. As this process will take some time, you can find a table below that shows which services will use the Monetary Commitment. In any case, these services must be fee-based services, and the publisher must be Red Hat, SUSE, Autodesk, or Oracle. In particular, similar services that are not provided by these companies will not be deducted from the Monetary Commitment.

Here you can find a table with all services that can be used via the Monetary Commitment.

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