Azure Stack: Create modern applications in hybrid cloud environments

Leipzig, 09/22/2017 – Azure Stack is an extension of Azure, which Microsoft promises will bring the agility and rapid innovations of cloud computing to on-premise environments at companies and organizations. With Azure Stack, customers can provide Azure services from their company’s data center while also achieving the proper balance between flexibility and control with the aim of obtaining truly consistent hybrid Cloud deployments.

Uniform environment enables more rapid development

  • Azure Stack maximizes productivity by enabling developers to create and provide applications in the same manner, regardless of whether the apps are run in Azure or in Azure Stack.
  • This is all done with a single set of tools: Azure Stack uses the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs that were activated via Azure Resource Manager.
  • Shared DevOps tools means that you benefit from continuous deployment and continuous integration using Jenkins and Visual Studio Team Services, as well as automation features offered with the Chef and Azure PowerShell DSC add-ons.
  • Open source: A wide range of open source technologies such as Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Docker-integrated containers, Mesosphere DC/OS, and Cloud Foundry can all be used.

Run Azure services locally

Companies can meet their business and technical requirements if they have the right combination of cloud and local deployments. Azure IaaS deployments (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) go way beyond traditional virtualization. VM scaling groups enable rapid deployment with powerful automatic scaling to cope with modern workloads. Consistent Azure PaaS functions (Platform-as-a-Service) extend hybrid deployment options and portability to include Cloud applications. This enables customers to run fully managed PaaS solutions, serverless computing, distributed microservice architectures, and container management locally.

Provisioning with integrated systems made easy

Azure Stack helps companies focus on optimizing their applications using integrated systems designed to deliver a consistent user experience in Azure. Specially developed, integrated Azure Stack systems from Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo can be rapidly deployed. Regularly provided software updates allow companies benefit from constantly new innovations from Azure. Azure Stack can also be easily integrated into other solutions, such as monitoring and identity services.

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