Important Changes to the MPSA and Retirement of Select Plus effective since 1 April 2017

Changes to the MPSA

Leipzig, 04/01/2017 – All OLS terms in the MPSA are being standardized to one year or less. Two- and three-year subscription terms are no longer available for Office 365, Dynamics 365, Secure Productive Enterprise, Windows, or other OLS, effective since 1 April 2017. The MPSA terms will be harmonized with those of the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) and the Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP). Clients who want to take advantage of price protection should consider the Enterprise Agreement as a volume licensing program.

These changes do not affect MPSA customers who have purchased multi-year subscription licenses for OLS before 1 April. Subscription licenses with terms of two or three years and were purchased before 1 April 2017 as part of the MPSA remain unchanged.

Retirement of Select Plus Temporarily Suspended

Microsoft is changing its original plan, in which it intended to transfer Select Plus for commercial customers to other agreements (in particular, the MPSA) due to the new orientation of its modern licensing strategy. The company will be temporarily suspending retirement of existing Select Plus agreements for commercial customers. This way, Microsoft is attempting to minimize the transition to the modern license purchasing system. This will only apply to Select Plus for commercial customers who will be changed to the MPSA.

This means:

  • Accounts that have lapsed on or after 1 March 2017 until 30 June 2017 will receive a one-year exemption.
  • Customers with a contract expiry date before 1 March 2017 and who have already received an exemption, meaning that their agreement will not be terminated in the current fiscal year, automatically receive a one-year extension.

Both of the abovementioned groups of customers can thus continue to carry out purchases with their existing Select Plus agreement, add new affiliates, and conclude new entries to Select Plus. Select Plus agreements that have already been terminated will not be reactivated.

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