Microsoft: Premier Support To Become Unified Support

Leipzig, 04/11/2018 – Microsoft is currently adapting its support model from MS Premier to Unified Support. This will result in some new requirements, and customers will need to act accordingly. But what’s going to change specifically?

The following has been the case for Microsoft Premier Support so far:

Microsoft carried out a needs assessment. This was followed by offers for reactive services, or, if necessary, proactive services. A disadvantage for customers was that reactive services also increased with each proactive service, as this usually accrued additional costs within the terms of the contract.

The following changes will be applied with Microsoft Unified Support:

A needs assessment will no longer be carried out, and the calculation will now be based on a new system. In this case, Microsoft will take the sum of all license sales from the last five years, and the sum of online services from the last 12 months, to calculate a one-year contract. Three contract types will be offered in this model:

  • Core contract = 6.5 percent of the license sales stated above: Does not include TAM support and solutions that are exclusively online.

  • Advanced contract = 8 percent of the license sales stated above: Provision of TAM and creation of a cloud plan.

  • Performance contract = 10 percent of the sales revenue stated above: Improved reaction times and paths to the cloud.

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