Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Available since March

Developing Mobile and Cloud Applications on all Platforms

Leipzig, 03/17/2017 – The new functions and open style of Visual Studio 2017 are meant to enable developers to collaborate in teams and develop and roll out applications for all current platforms and operating systems.
Visual Studio 2017 offers tools for integration with .NET Core as well as with applications and microservices in Microsoft Azure and Docker containers in order to help develop mobile and cloud applications more efficiently. According to Microsoft, Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin is meant to make developing cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows even easier – among other things, with advanced debugging and profiling tools.

DevOps to Make Companies Faster, More Agile

Visual Studio 2017 allows development teams to execute modern DevOps methods more easily in order to efficiently develop, provide, and maintain new company software on a continuous basis. Microsoft has integrated the Redgate Data Tools in the Enterprise version of Visual Studio 2017 for the integration of databases in DevOps processes.

Updates for Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and Visual Studio Mobile Center

Microsoft announced other news when the company launched Visual Studio 2017:

  • Preview 4 of Visual Studio for Mac is available as the complementary version to Windows, adapted to OS X. In Preview 4, there is support for .NET Core projects and the open source packet maintenance for the software development under .NET.
  • Update 1 of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017 is available. The new version improves the collaboration platform for developers, particularly in their onpremises business, including in managing process templates and in support for the Node Package Manager (npm) in package management.
  • The free update of the preview of Visual Studio Mobile Center is available. The release management will be supported by Xamarin and React Native, alongside the rollout of mobile apps of Swift, ObjectiveC, and Java.

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