Microsoft expands cloud services in Europe and into Middle East to meet growing customer demand

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Leipzig, 03/26/2018 – Microsoft announced that they plan to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from their first datacenter locations in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, and will expand the cloud options for customers in Germany. The Microsoft Cloud in France is now officially open with the general availability of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 today, and Dynamics 365 will follow in early 2019.

By delivering the comprehensive, intelligent Microsoft Cloud – comprising Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 – from datacenters in a given geography, Microsoft offers scalable, available and resilient cloud services for companies and organizations while meeting data residency, security and compliance needs. Microsoft has deep expertise protecting data and empowering customers around the globe to meet extensive security and privacy requirements, including offering the broadest set of compliance certifications and attestations in the industry.

In Europe, Microsoft continually expand their substantial cloud footprint in response to customer demand and to address the needs of some of the world’s leading industries and organizations. Their engagement with financial institutions and regulators in Switzerland over the past several years has led to a deeper understanding of the market and the opportunity for locally delivered, trusted enterprise cloud services to meet their unique requirements. Microsoft intends to be the first global cloud operator to introduce cloud regions in Switzerland, which will be in the cantons of Geneva and Zurich while also expanding the cloud service options available with the addition of new cloud regions in Germany. This new cloud offering will complement the options currently available for customers today. The two new regions will provide enterprise-grade reliability, performance and business continuity combined with data residency within Germany and connectivity to Microsoft’s global public cloud network.

In France, the Microsoft Cloud is now open to thousands of customers, partners and ISVs with general availability of both Azure and Office 365. With this milestone, Microsoft is empowering organizations with greater scalability, agility and the opportunity to develop new cloud-based solutions. Starting March 14, existing Office 365 customers from France and French territories will be able to opt-in to be moved to the local cloud regions in France.

Over the last three years, the number of Azure regions available has more than doubled. As of today, Azure has more regions than any other cloud provider. Microsoft has announced a goal to be in 50 regions across the globe, including plans for 12 new regions.

Office 365 and Dynamics 365 also continue to expand the data residency options for customers with 17 geographies announced. The two products are the only productivity and business application platforms that can offer in-geo data residency across such a broad set of locations. Each datacenter geography, or geo, delivers a consistent experience, backed by robust policies, controls and systems to help keep data safe and help comply with local and regional regulations.

You can learn more about our transformative cloud solutions at Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, or follow these links to learn more about today’s announcements in France, Germany, Switzerland.

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