Microsoft introduces new products and services for the education sector

Windows 10 S

Leipzig, 05/02/2018 – According to Microsoft, Windows 10 S gives priority to security and top performance. Applications are loaded from the Windows Store, where they are security checked and are then executed locally in a separate and secure ‘container.’ This allows pupils to log on quickly to devices in the classroom and ensures a high level of performance so that they can work in a more focused manner. Windows 10 S is also designed to allow customers to use full-featured programs such as Office 365, including the full range of familiar functions from Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and other applications. In addition to Microsoft’s own software, Windows 10 S will also give teachers and students future access to the most important and most frequently used programs from all relevant application areas.

Microsoft Teams for the classroom

Microsoft has announced new functions for Microsoft Teams that are intended to turn the tool into a central point of contact for digital collaboration in the classroom. In conjunction with add-ins such as the OneNote Class Notebook, plus new task and quiz functions, it should be easier for teachers to allocate tasks in the future, personalize teaching content, and grade pupils’ work. Pupils, parents, and colleagues will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and information. Furthermore, the new Microsoft Teams enhancements will also allow teachers to integrate additional content from the Web or from guest speakers, plus link the solutions of external partners to the service.

Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

Code Builder links Minecraft to well-known programming learning platforms such as Tynker, ScratchX, and Microsoft’s own, new open-source platform MakeCode. By coding independently, users build and move objects in Minecraft. In this manner, they learn the basics of programming.

Learning with mixed reality

Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 function for the coming fall called ‘View Mixed Reality’. According to Microsoft, the function will allow teachers to integrate innovative technologies such as 3D or mixed reality more easily into their lessons. With the help of a customary RGB camera, the new feature will make it possible to display 3D content on the user’s screen as mixed reality experiences in the real world.

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