New Additions to the Cloud Solution Provider Program

Azure RI and Windows / SQL Server Subscriptions

Leipzig, 07/10/2018 – Microsoft has announced the immediate release of Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances (RI), as well as Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions via the  Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) .

Adding Azure RI and the server subscriptions to the  CSP Program is Microsoft’s response to growing demand for affordable solutions to support reliable, permanent cloud workloads.

According to Microsoft, virtual computers in Azure provide customers with the flexibility of virtualization for numerous computing solutions, included the development and execution of test applications as well as data center expansion. According to Microsoft, by purchasing or reserving the virtual machine for a one- or three-year period, Reserved VM Instances in  CSP allow business customers to save up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go models for Azure VM. Windows Server customers with the Azure hybrid advantage included in Software Assurance can even save up to 80 percent compared to pay-as-you-go prices.

Microsoft also combines the impressive potential savings with ease of choice and highly flexible deployment. Azure Reserved VM Instances are defined for a ‘basic’ VM, in other words the decision to provide a Windows Server or a non-Windows Server does not need to be made in advance. Customers simply enter the Azure region, the virtual computer type, and the period of one year or three years. That’s it.

 You can easily calculate your possible savings using the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit Calculator

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