New features for Office 365: Teams, Word and StaffHub

Leipzig, 04/12/2018 – Microsoft has announced in a blog post that they want to promote creativity, teamwork, and management in the modern workplace. This will be achieved with new features in Office 365.

According to Microsoft, these modern tools won’t just improve your work, but also tasks carried out with team members outside of your company. These new features will also facilitate scalable teamwork, the communication of complex ideas, and the protection of sensitive customer and employee data. As part of this update, Microsoft is investing in tools for Office 365 that will improve the process of content creation.

The new Overview Window for the Editor in Microsoft Word will receive new features that will make processing of your documents easier. For example, the tool takes the context of the entire document into account, and suggests corrections, improvements, and stylistic changes. The new Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word, which helps to create a personalized resume, was announced in November 2017. This tool was designed in cooperation with LinkedIn and is now ready to use.

With StaffHub Now, you will be able to receive information even more quickly. This tool is particularly practical for Firstline Workers, as it offers new options for managing their working day. This way, StaffHub will provide a new tab feature, notes, tasks/activities, and breaks in a clear, manageable overview.

The new feature for Microsoft Teams is particularly exciting. Now it’s possible to add any person as a guest. That applies to anyone who has a work or private e-mail address, including with and These people will receive full access to team chats, meetings, and files. In addition, guests will be covered by the same compliance and auditing protection. The same applies for Office 365 subscribers.

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