New integration of Project Online Desktop Client and Microsoft Planner

Leipzig, 10/16/2017 – Since September 2017, Project users are able to connect Project tasks to Planner plans. The feature has been available in the September update for Project Online Professional and Premium customers.

The new integration capability is built for project collaboration scenarios and therefore is a natural extension for Project Online, the cloud solution for collaborative Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Thus, the new Planner integration is only available as part of Project Online offerings and adds another great subscription value. It will not be available for on premises versions of Project.

This feature release is in response to customers’ feedback, who have asked for a way to connect tasks in Project to plans in Planner. As project management processes extend across all parts of an organization, there is an opportunity to link the work done by disparate teams and drive greater cross-team alignment. This integration allows teams that manage their work in Project Online to better streamline work with teams that use Planner.

With the integration, task owners can track granular task details in a lightweight tool. Project Managers retain control over the project's work breakdown structure and can easily view the detailed work being done against a task.

This capability may also be used to reduce complexity of project plans in Project keeping it simple for the project manager to control a smaller number of tasks while task owners can further breakdown the tasks in Planner.

How do I get this new capability?

To use this new feature, you would need to subscribe to either Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium. In addition, you would need to subscribe to an Office 365 plan which Microsoft Planner is a part of. If you are interested in what services (incl. Planner) are included in which Office 365 plan, check out our comprehensive Office 365 COMPAREX eBook.

How does the new feature work?

Step 1: Create a Planner plan.

Step 2: Create a project plan in Project Online and publish the plan with the task that needs to be connected to the Planner plan.

Step 3: Open the project plan with Project Online Desktop Client and focus on the task that needs to be connected, then press the new ‘Link to Planner’ button.

Step 4: Find the Planner plan you would like to connect the task with and create the link, by following the instruction on the left pane. Note that in this case the chosen Group is a Microsoft Team and has two plans added as channels from which to choose.

Step 5: The task in Project Online and the Planner plan are now connected. Click the Planner icon in the ‘Indicators’ field in Project Online Desktop Client to open the Planner plan. Note that users assigned to the task prior to the linking are added to the Planner plan.

Read here the original post by Microsoft.

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