Available Starting in Early 2017: Premium Assurance – Who, When, and How: An Overview

Premium Assurance Overview

Leipzig, 04/10/2018 – Premium Assurance allows Microsoft support to be extended for an additional six years.


Premium Assurance Requirements

  • Premium Assurance can only be purchased for licenses that are equipped with SA
  • Premium Assurance must be purchase before the Extended Support has expired
  • Premium Assurance must be purchased for all servers with active SA
  • Available in EA, EAS, EES, and SCE
  • Customers who acquired Windows and SQL Server through other programs cannot enroll in Premium Assurance

Eligible Products

  • Windows Server 2008/R2 Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2012/R2 Standard, Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard, Datacenter
  • SQL Server 2008/R2 Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2012 Standard, Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2016 Standard, Enterprise

Premium Assurance Pricing

  • The price corresponds to the time at which Premium Assurance was purchased
  • The earlier Premium Assurance was purchased, the more inexpensive it is
  • The closer to the end of Extended Support that it was purchased, the more expensive it is

Detailed information is available in the Microsoft datasheet ’Windows Server and SQL Server Premium Assurance’ (English): Read the Premium Assurance Datasheet now »

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