SQL Server 2017 available since beginning of October 2017

Leipzig, 10/27/2017 – In an earlier blog post, Microsoft had announced that SQL Server 2017 would be generally available on 2nd October 2017.
The blog post announcement is here and gives some detail on the actually quite exciting new features that are part of SQL Server 2017.

Interesting as well are the top three points one has to know seen from the licensing perspective:

• A new "Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server" allows customers to re-use existing on-premises SQL

Server licences to run database-as-a-server in Azure

• R Server is renamed "Machine Learning Server for Hadoop" and is now available to all SQL Server

Enterprise edition customers as an SA benefit

• It‘s the first version of SQL Server to run on Windows Server, Linux and Docker, and there’s a new

"SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux offer" which gives discounts of both SQL Server 2017

and the operating system to help with migrations

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