The best version of Windows 10 ever – the Creators Update

Leipzig, 09/28/2017 – Why is Windows 10 Creators Update so great? Microsoft regularly takes into account user feedback to continually improve Windows 10. With Creators Update, they have reached a new level quality not seen before.

What are the main improvements?

Battery life

A new performance power slider feature lets user quickly switch between battery saver or best performance mode in any situation. This way, they can flexible improve the battery life or performance, whatever is more important. This power slider feature will be included in more and more new hardware. Additionally, the operating system efficiency has been highly improved to safe power.

Performance improvements

  • Booting up your device is now 13% faster, and logging in after boot is up to 18% faster.

  • Unlocking your device with Windows Hello Facial recognition is up to 30% faster.

  • Microsoft Edge is also up to 53% faster in the Creators Update thanks to efficiency improvements that make scrolling pages and loading pages faster, and website rendering and interaction more responsive.

  • Two features used daily are the Start Menu and Windows Search, have been improved – the Start Menu opens faster, and Windows Search performance is optimized.

  • For devices on which multiple users log-in (e.g., classrooms) the first user log-in is up to 47% faster in the Creators Update.


A fundamental priority for Microsoft is to have Windows devices freed from system issues and driver crashes, striving to reduce OS stability issues to zero.

  • Among users who update to the Creators Update, there’s been an 18% reduction in users hitting certain system stability issues versus earlier versions of Windows 10.

  • A 39% total reduction in operating system and driver stability issues between the Anniversary Update and Creators Update.


With every Windows 10 feature update, the latest security technology is built into the operating system. Every month quality updates add a new layer of security taking into account the latest trends in malware and viruses. Being on the latest version of Windows 10 thus provides you with the best security technology.

This is not the end

Windows 10 Creators Update is the best version of Windows 10 – so far. Regular quality and feature updates will make sure Windows 10 will be greatly reliable, performant and secure in the future.


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