Announcement of Windows Virtual Desktop

Leipzig, 01/01/2019 – Microsoft presented the Windows Virtual Desktop at its Ignite Conference 2018. This product is a virtual desktop environment for Windows and Office offered as a managed service in Azure. Since this is just a preliminary announcement and the preview has not yet been released, all information is contingent and subject to change.

Alongside the advantages of a cloud service, the product offers another special feature – the multi-user  Windows 10 experience. In short, this allows multiple users to ‘share’ a single desktop and enables companies to take advantage of the savings provided by a server-based environment with distributed computing.

In addition, Windows Virtual Desktop offers free Extended Security Updates for Windows 7, which would normally need to be purchased separately for on-premises licenses.

For licensing compliance, Windows Virtual Desktop requires a  Microsoft 365 Business license, an F1/E3/E5 license, or a Windows E3/E5 license. It is also important to note that Windows Virtual Desktop is not available for licensing to Thin Clients because VDA licenses are insufficient for accessing Virtual Desktop. However as mentioned previously, the licensing stipulations are not fixed and remain subject to change.

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