Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout

Leipzig, 11/01/2018 – With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout, Microsoft has extended the scope of Dynamics 365 by simultaneously adding two products that are designed to decisively increase the efficiency of operating processes in very specific areas.

  • The focus here is on so-called first line jobs. According to Microsoft, up to 80 percent of all employees in certain sectors work in these first line jobs: In practice, they tend to represent the interface between the company and its customers. A technician who visits private household to repair a defective washing machine is an example.
  • The new tools should enable these employees to carry out their everyday tasks more efficiently by allowing them to access further detailed
  • information on the defective device from wherever they are. For instance, in the washing machine repair example above, this would take place directly from the customer’s laundry room.
  • Using modern tools such as mixed reality video calls, annotations and file sharing, Remote Assist, and Microsoft HoloLens, technicians can, for example, contact another specialist by remote device, who may be located far away at the company’s head office, in order to work together to solve the problem. The technician is able to describe the current situation, allowing the repair to be continued and possibly completed.
  • According to Microsoft, many problems could be solved in minutes rather than in days, reducing both traveling times and travel costs.
  • This also applies to Dynamics 365 Layout. This tool makes it possible to import 3D models in order to create and edit room layouts on a reallife scale. Users can design high-quality holograms in a physical space or in virtual reality that can then be shared and edited by others in real time.
  • Thanks to the seamless connection to Microsoft Teams, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, and PowerBI, Remote Assist can, according to the vendor, be seamlessly integrated into existing Microsoft applications – all in a single, secure solution.

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