Office 2019 can now only be installed via Click-to-Run

Leipzig, 11/01/2018 – The only installation method that can still be used for Office 2019 is now Click-to-Run; MSI is no longer available.

Microsoft made Office available via its Windows Installer (MSI) for almost two decades. In 2013, Microsoft introduced a further modern deployment tool, known as Click-to-Run.

Easy Upgrade Path to Office 365

According to Microsoft, Click-to-Run offers companies the same management functions as MSI-based products. This includes the activation of volumes, management of group polices, administrative control of updates, and configuration management for the system administration. To facilitate the migration of older MSI-based products, Click-to-Run also supports direct updates; such as when a customer switches to  Microsoft Office 2019 or  Office 365.

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