Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises

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Dynamics 365 is a perfect solution for business users everywhere as it offers a set of capabilities that perfectly fits your demands and allows for on-premises, hybrid or complete cloud scenarios.

Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by delivering new purpose-built applications to help manage specific business functions for full users, including Dynamics 365 for Sales (On-Premises) and Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (On-Premises), as well as a lower tier application for light users: Dynamics 365 for Team Members (On-Premises).

Dynamics 365 On-Premises Applications

Learn how the different Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) applications can facilitate your work in the following business areas:

Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) enables excellent customer service. Your agents can use a single customer service software app with built in intelligence to serve your customers. The way people experience your business will change and consistency and loyalty will make your business grow.

Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) offers applications to manage field service sales. It makes your agent’s job easier thanks to optimized scheduling tools and the best equipment. This makes service calls a strategic advantage.

Dynamics 365 offers powerful ERP tools for your operations. No matter if you want to grow your business in manufacturing, retail, finance or IT. Dynamics 365 offers a perfect solution to manage business and financial processes.

Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) for Sales helps you to turn relationships into revenue. The built-in intelligence eases to reveal customer needs so that you can respond to them and grow your business. Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) offers a complete solution for Sales to work smarter und sell more.


Dynamics 365 is licensed in a Server + CAL (Client Access License) model. This means, you need to license the servers running the software and the users / devices that access it.

Dynamics 365 Server license(s) are included in the purchased CALs and additional users can be added anytime by purchasing new CALs. There is no limit to the number of users that can access a server (the number is limited only by the server’s capabilities).

Basic Licensing Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises

Only internal users require a CAL (users who directly or indirectly accesses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) server software, files, data content, or any “Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) functionality”.

External users* are included in the license already and do not require a separate CAL. There are two types of CALs which can be combined in any number.

  • User CAL: users accessing the service from multiple devices

  • Device CAL: multiple users use the same device to access the service

* External users are users that are not an employee, contractor, or agent of the customer or its affiliates, providing business processes on the customer’s behalf.

One of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the option to deploy either in Microsoft’s cloud or in a private on-premises or partner-hosted cloud. In some cases, customers may want to deploy both modes simultaneously.

However, please note the following limitations:

  • Dual Use Rights give the right to access Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) Server licenses for users that are licensed with a Dynamics 365 USL (online).

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) CALs have no reciprocal rights to access functionality provided exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics 365 USLs (online).

  • Dual Use Rights do not imply equivalent capabilities between Microsoft Dynamics CALs and Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics 365 SLs.

    Dual Use Rights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises

The primary licensing is by named user subscription, classified into two types:

  • Light users require only basic Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) functionality. In the Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) model light users are licensed with the Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) for Team Members (On-Premises) license.

  • Full users are licensed with a Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) application license. There are no plans availble for Dynamics 365 (On-Premises). A user needing access to multiple applications would need to pay for multiple applications. Available applications are Dynamics 365 for Sales (On-Premises), Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (On-Premises), and coming in 2017, Dynamics 365 for Field Service (On-Premises).

Volume licensing programs

Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) is available through the following Volume Licensing programs:

Ready for the Cloud?

If you do not have Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) licenses with active Software Assurance, consider Dynamics 365 Full USLs (online). You can find more details about the benefits of Dynamics 365 as an Online Service here.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 (On-Premises) CALs covered by active Software Assurance (SA) in an EA, EAS, MPSA or EES, you can add access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online) in two different ways: via cloud Add-on or From SA User Subscription Licenses. Both of these options are designed to recognize your investments in on-premises licenses by providing a standard discount from the full Dynamics 365 USL price while obtaining these non-perpetual rights to the Online Service for the agreement term. Both options include Dual Use Rights for hybrid deployments.


Volume licensing programs for Dynamics 365 On-Premises     

Cloud Add-On From SA
Optimal for customers who want to maintain their SA/ Enhancement benefits Drop SA/ Enhancement and move to subscription
Available at mid-term, anniversary, renewal Available at anniversary (only EAS)/renewal

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