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Security is a major concern for companies worldwide

The number of highly advanced and severe cyber-attacks and threats has been growing constantly throughout the past years. That is why the protection of company data is a major challenge for companies in the light of digital transformation, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios and the growth of cloud – especially regarding critical business data and Intellectual Property (IP). Effectively protecting your company data is becoming a highly competitive factor in today’s economy.

What is Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)?

Microsoft’s cloud-based solution Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) can support you in your endeavors. It allows companies to maintain a high level of security, data protection and risk management while providing the best possible user experience – a win-win situation. EM+S is your complete solution for Identity and Access Management, Mobile Device and Mobile Application Management as well as Cyber Security and Risk Management. The identity-based approach makes EM+S unique for managing your on-premises and cloud application security simultaneously.

We have compiled an eBook for you which provides you with a detailed overview of the most important features and how they can you help you protect your company’s data. Download your copy today!

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