Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Your Complete Data Estate on Any Environment with Any Data

SQL Server 2017 has everything built-in—industry-leading in-memory performance, trusted security, game-changing in-database Advanced Analytics, and the flexibility to run your complete data estate on any environment with any data. All of this comes for less, thanks to unmatched TCO.

Industry-leading performance

Perform queries up to 100x faster than disk with in-memory columnstore, and transactions up to 30x faster with in-memory OLTP.

Least vulnerable

Use layers of protection, including innovative features such as encryption at rest and in motion, all from the least vulnerable database over the last seven years.

Real-time intelligence

Gain transformative insights with up to 1 million predictions per second using built-in Python and R integration, and get end-to-end mobile BI on any platform.

Any application, anywhere

Build modern applications using any data, any language, any platform—on-premises and in the cloud.

Power your entire data estate with SQL Server 2017 (Source: Microsoft)

Breakthrough features of SQL Server 2017

  • Speed query performance without tuning using Adaptive Query Processing

  • Faster transactions with In-Memory OLTP and to 100x faster analytics with in-memory Columnstore

  • Real-time operational analytics when you combine in-memory technologies

  • Fewest NIST vulnerabilities over the last 7 years

  • Encrypt data at rest and in motion with Always Encrypted

  • Dynamic Data Masking conceals sensitive data

  • Control access to database rows with Row-Level Security

  • Scale and accelerate machine learning by pushing intelligence to where the data lives with in-database R and Python analytics

  • Analytics are parallelized and at scale

  • Leading AI innovation to discover insights faster

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms with GPUs

  • Built-in advanced analytics provide scalability and performance for building and running your advanced analytics algorithms directly in the core SQL Server transactional database.

  • Transform complex data from multiple sources into trusted data models using the most popular statistical modelling language

  • Process analytics in-place, reducing latencies and operational costs

  • Write models once and deploy anywhere: in-database, to the cloud, or to Linux, Hadoop, and Teradata

  • Support for Windows and Linux operating systems and Docker container

  • Any cloud, any platform including OpenShift, Red Hat, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Pivotal

  • License Mobility enables on-premise licenses to be used in the cloud


SQL Server 2017 is available in two editions: Standard and Enterprise.

  Standard Enterprise
Maximum number of cores 24 unlimited
Mission-critical performance
  • Disk-based OLTP
  • 24 cores max and 128 GB max memory
  • 2-node single database failover (non-readable secondary)
  • Query Store
  • Temporal
  • Operating system max cores and memory
  • Enhanced in-memory OLTP performance
  • Operational analytics
  • Enhanced AlwaysOn with no domain join (WS2016)
  • Query Store
  • Temporal
  • Row-level security
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Basic auditing
  • Separation of duties
  • Policy-based management
  • Always Encrypted
  • Row-level security
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Enhanced separation of duties
  • Enhanced SQL Server auditing
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Policy-based management
Data Warehousing
  • PolyBase (compute node only)
  • Support for JSON
  • Enhanced in-memory ColumnStore
  • PolyBase in scale-out configuration (head and compute nodes)
  • License rights to (the APS) MPP appliance
  • Distributed query processing
Business Intelligence
  • Basic tabular (16GB memory per instance)
  • Web portal experience
  • Modernized reports
  • Pin reports to Power BI
  • Enhanced multi-dimensional models
  • End-to-end mobile BI on all major platforms
  • Enhanced direct query
  • In-memory analytics
  • Advanced data mining
  • Advanced tabular
  • Web portal experience (all reports in one place)
  • Modernized reports
  • Pin reports to Power BI
  • Enhanced multi-dimensional models
Advanced Analytics
  • Single-threaded for RRE
  • Connectivity to R Open
  • In database advanced analytics
  • R integration with massive parallel processing for performance and scale
  • Works with in-memory technology
  • Run in database or standalone
  • Connectivity to R Open
Hybrid Cloud
  • Stretch Database
  • Backup to Azure
  • Stretch Database
  • Enhanced backup to Azure
  • Enhanced HA and DR with Azure – ease of use, no domain join (WS2016)
  • SSIS integration with Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL data Warehouse

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