Microsoft Exchange 2016

MS Exchange Server 2016 - Productivity and security for your organization. More productive than ever: receive your emails and work from practically anywhere.

The most important new features of MS Exchange

Intelligent Interfaces

MS Exchange 2016 allows you to work efficiently and its interface is always tidied-up, no matter which device you are working with. Thanks to a quick, precise and comprehensive search function you can find information you need more easily. Exchange 2016 offers tools for collaboration and great interfaces.

Stay in Control

Customize Exchange for your special everyday requirements. Manage features like Data Loss Prevention, Office 365 groups and many more with the online-based Exchange Admin Center. Thanks to Exchange archiving, large inboxes and the integration of storage policies you stay in control of your storage needs and compliance requirements.

Modern Datacenter

With Exchange 2016, Microsoft offers a solid and established infrastructure for local implementation. Innovative, user friendly, scalable and great performance are words to best describe Exchange 2016. Thanks to cloud integration you can connect anytime.

Protect your Organization

MS Exchange 2016 supports you in protecting your communication and sensitive data from any unauthorized use or threat. Integrated security features, prevention of data loss, content analyses and policy tips make internal compliance and adherence to legal regulations easier.


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