Microsoft SharePoint 2019

SharePoint Server 2019 is designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower your users to work across devices and screens. The intranet is the nerve center of many organizations.

SharePoint Server 2019 represents a whole new generation of SharePoint, born in the cloud. SharePoint Server 2019 was built on the same core platform as SharePoint Server 2016, providing the scale and performance you’ve come to expect in addition to new, modern experiences for users, that are both intuitive and familiar.

  • Enable productive experiences across desktop and mobile
  • Provide a scalable and flexible collaboration and communications platform
  • Increase productivity with an intuitive user experience

Source: Microsoft

Why SharePoint Server 2019?

SharePoint Server 2019 provides content management and collaboration capabilities that seamlessly integrate with the other applications people use every day to create and co-author documents, meet and work with their teams, brainstorm, analyze, and make decisions.

SharePoint lists provide individuals and teams the ability to access, share, and collaborate around structured data and to bring information from other systems into SharePoint to support business process. SharePoint Server 2019 introduces a modern list experience that simplifies how people create, curate, and interact with information with a rich set of capabilities that work across devices and browsers.

SharePoint Server 2019 provides a better experience for document libraries that’s faster, more intuitive and responsive with modern document libraries.

SharePoint Server 2019 embraces and provides a new generation of the mobile and intelligent intranet, allowing you to communicate to people throughout your organization with dynamic, mobile-ready communication sites and pages that keep everyone informed and engaged.

Great experiences are visually captivating and work flawlessly. They entertain and engage with rich, contextual, and relevant content. They ensure reliability, performance, and security under real-world pressures of scale and complexity. Plus, they’re easy to use.

Modern pages are a great way to share ideas using images, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, embed video content, and more. You can create and publish modern pages quickly and easily, and they look great on any device.

The world of collaboration has changed, text-based files are shifting to modern media, videos, audio, and more. SharePoint Server 2019 provides support for uploading files up to 15GB.

Achieving digital transformation and delivering business value requires new tools and techniques for reinventing business processes. No-code and low-code applications have long been essential to the success of SharePoint, and SharePoint Server 2019 takes the next steps with new capabilities for building robust business solutions. These capabilities range from enhanced list and library experiences to improved support of Microsoft Flow, Microsoft PowerApps, and more.

SharePoint Server 2019 makes your intranet more accessible on the go, more intelligent, and more personalized, based on your activities across sites, the people you work with, the content you work on and the business processes you drive.

It provides content-centric collaborative spaces that give teams the resources they need to work together. It lets users consume and contribute news and information within their teams and across the organization. It manages knowledge and connects users to content through navigation and search and it hosts applications that support and automate business processes.

What’s new? 

Communication Sites

SharePoint Server 2019 embraces and provides a new generation of the mobile and intelligent intranet, allowing you to communicate with people throughout your organization through dynamic, mobile-ready communication sites and pages. With pages that are straightforward to use and visually compelling, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Integration with Project Server 2019

 Project Server 2019 integration puts project and portfolio management closer to the content it depends on. SharePoint Server 2019 integrates  Project Server 2019 (licensed separately), organizing your projects and tasks so you can track deliverables across SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Project while reducing the datacenter footprint.

Modern Lists

SharePoint lists provide individuals and teams the ability to access, share, and collaborate around structured data and support business processes by bringing information from other systems into SharePoint.

Modern Libraries

Modern document libraries combine the power of SharePoint with OneDrive usability. Since modern document libraries have an updated user interface like OneDrive, it’s more intuitive to create a new folder and upload files in the browser.

Search Improvements

SharePoint Server 2019 provides powerful search capabilities and intelligent ways to discover information, expertise, and insights to inform decisions and guide action. Take advantage of a modern search experience with type-ahead contextual results in search box, modern search result pages for SharePoint Home and site search, and more.

SharePoint Mobile app

Using the SharePoint mobile app with SharePoint Server 2019 lets you take your intranet with you to stay connected and informed while you’re on the go—for those in-between moments when you need to quickly and easily fit in some work.

SharePoint Home

The new SharePoint Home page in SharePoint Server 2019 provides unified access to all your sites—online and on-premises. SharePoint Home lets you navigate seamlessly through your intranet and catch up with activity across your sites with just a glance.

Team news

With team news on SharePoint Server 2019, you can keep up with and broadcast key events and accomplishments with other members of your team and extended stakeholders.

Deployment Options

SharePoint Server 2019 offers new and improved deployment options:

  • A traditional on-premises deployment
  • A hosted service with Office 365 sites powered by SharePoint Online
  • Deployment in Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • A mix of these options with a hybrid approach

Licensing SharePoint Server 2019 

SharePoint Server 2019 Licensing

  • SharePoint Server 2019 is licensed in a Server / CAL model

Server licenses for licensing of the server software:

  • Customer may use one Running Instance of SharePoint server software in either a Physical OSE or Virtual OSE on a Licensed Server for each License it acquires.

Client Access Licenses (CALs) for licensing access to the server software:

  • For access to the SharePoint Server software a SharePoint CAL is required. It can either be assigned to a device accessing the server or to a user accessing the server.
  • CALs are version-specific: The version of the CAL has to be either identical to the active SharePoint version or be a successor of it


  • SharePoint 2019 server license with Software Assurance - running SharePoint 2016 – SharePoint 2016 or 2019 CAL required
  • SharePoint 2019 license – running SharePoint 2019 – SharePoint 2019 CAL required


SharePoint Device CAL

Licenses a device for access to a server by an unlimited number of users.

Sharepoint User CAL

Licenses a user for accessing the server with an unlimited number of devices.

There are Standard and Enterprise CALs which allow access to different features. While Standard CALs can be purchased stand-alone, Enterprise CALs can only be purchased in addition to a Standard CAL.

Standard CAL

Can be licensed per device or per user and is required to access standard functionalities of SharePoint Server 2019, such as Team- or business websites or the search for content or persons.

Enterprise CAL

Can be licensed either per device or per user and is required to access Enterprise functionalities of SharePoint Server 2019, such as Business Solutions including Access Services and InfoPath Services as well as Business Intelligence features incl. Power View, PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services and Visio Services.

Comparison of CAL Suites

  Core CAL Suite  
>Enterprise CAL Suite Windows Server CAL Windows Server AD RMS CAL
Exchange Server Standard CAL Exchange Server Enterprise CAL
Skype for Business Server Standard CAL Skype for Business Server Enterprise CAL
SharePoint Server Standard CAL SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL
System Center Config Mngr. CML System Center Client Management Suite
System Center Endpoint Protection Exchange Online Archiving

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