• Firstline Workers: Maintenance and Field Support

    I need a direct line to my experts
    to answer all potential questions,
    no matter where I am.

    Mike, Engineer

  • Firstline Workers: Customer Services

    Supporting my customers keeps me busy.
    I only have a few moments a day to read e-mails,
    news and announcements, on the fly.

    Marc, Service Desk

  • Firstline Workers: Healthcare

    To me, it's essential to have my trainings
    on-demand. With this, I can advise and treat
    my patients to the latest in standards.

    Christopher, Surgeon

  • Firstline Workers: Sales Association

    I want my customers to have the best
    purchasing experience. I need up-to-date
    best practice and instant assistance.

    John, Key Account Manager

Firstline Workers: The Face and Heartbeat of Your Organisation

Almost all industries have firstline workers: people behind the counter, on the phone, building products, and running the day-to-day operations. They are the first to represent your brand, to see your products live in-action, and to engage with your customers.

Typical Scenarios

Sales Associates

Sales Associates

As reliable partners for your customers, these employees need to have an answer to almost all potential questions. To do this, sales-related employees need easy access to product information, and need to stay informed of promotions.

Maintenance Workers

Maintenance Workers

Workers can be better informed of safety guidelines and procedures, can reach experts quickly to resolve problems, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve quality.

Customer Services

Customer Service

As the first point-of-contact, your customer service is an essential touchpoint when it comes to customer experiences with your company. Staff need to stay informed of the latest news, announcements and promotions. Best practices can also be easily shared.

Medical Staff

Medical Staff

Always on the run, and on the front line when it comes to direct patient support, medical teams need flexible, on-demand solutions when it comes to training information and announcements.

The Biggest Challenges for Firstline Workers

Many of these firstline workers are directly customer-facing, especially in retail, hospitality and transportation. Others may not be so, but the nature of their work is such that they are mobile, always on the run, or not attached to an office at all! However, they all face the same challenges:

At a glance

  • Difficulty in managing schedules and tasks
  • Lack of trust between managers, supervisors and employees 
  • Onboarding and training
  • Instant Messaging and presence is missing, but critical in many scenarios
  • Poor communication with corporate office
  • Sharing devices can increase risks
  • Technology is often limited, outdated and unsafe

Microsoft Solutions Enable Your Firstline Workers To Do Their Best Work

Share best practices with Office 365 F1

Share best practices

Yammer, Teams

Train and upskill your employees with Office 365 F1

Train and upskill employees

Stream, SharePoint, Yammer

Digitize business processes with Office 365 F1

Digitise business processes

StaffHub, Flow

Deliver real-time expertise with Office 365 F1

Deliver real-time expertise

Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook

Protect sensitive data with Office365 F1

Minimise risk and cost

Azure AD, Threat and Information Protection

COMPAREX eBook: Apps and services included in Microsoft’s Firstline Workers Solutions

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Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1 can help you overcome the typical challenges of your firstline workforce. Share best practices and train and upskill your employees, digitize your business processes and deliver real-time expertise while minimizing your risk and costs with Office 365 F1. The additional capabilities of Microsoft 365 provide a 360° solution for your firstline workforce.

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In Depth: Manage all Challenges with Microsoft 365

Office 365 Enterprise F1 now features Microsoft StaffHub to provide simpler, smarter tools to create, update, and manage schedules and tasks. Managers can now spend less time creating and organising their workday, and spend more time with their teams, customers, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

Employees can now access easy-to-use mobile and web tools to view schedules, swap shifts, request time off, find information, and connect with their team. In addition, PowerApps and Flow join Office 365 Enterprise F1, delivering even more sophisticated capabilities and tools to help manage work, complete forms, and automate team processes.

With this update, we are providing everyone the freedom and tools to manage their workdays and focus on the activities that matter most.

The Office 365 services used around the world to connect organisations, teams and employees, including Yammer, Skype for Business, and the recently announced Microsoft Teams, are now part of Office 365 Enterprise F1, connecting everyone in the organisation through modern tools.

Managers, supervisors, and workers can now connect and work together in real time with chat, IM, and presence. In addition, corporate announcements and information can be quickly communicated with confidence through video broadcasts, targeted messaging, and actionable alerts.

These advanced new features make Office 365 an even stronger platform for connecting the organisation, bringing teams and individuals closer together and building an engaged and active working environment.

Firstline workers are often the backbone of the organisation, so we’ve made it easy to keep these workers trained, informed, and ready to do their best work.

The capabilities available in Office 365 Enterprise F1 with SharePoint Online, Office Online, OneDrive for Business, and now with Microsoft StaffHub, are already in use within some of world’s largest organisations, and enable easy access to training content and resources. These integrated services simplify training programs and readiness efforts by delivering in-depth, accessible, and actionable materials directly to your entire organisation.

You can also centralise and scale learning content with team sites, receive team input with collaboration tools, and accommodate multiple learning styles by delivering high definition videos or sharing simple content across multiple devices. Develop, train, and up-skill your organisation by providing the relevant information they need anywhere and anytime.

The latest update to Office 365 Enterprise F1 brings even more sophisticated digital identity creation options to users and organisations, whilst remaining secure and easy to manage. It helps you bring frontline workers into your organisation’s directory and highlight specific services based upon their needs, whilst still retaining the security and access controls you rely on today through the Office 365 admin centre.

Now your entire workforce can safely access and share information in your network to collaborate and take full advantage of the Office 365 F1 productivity services.

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