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Create a Modern Workplace with COMPAREX

The world of technology is developing at a dizzying pace, revolutionising our daily lives and distilling the last drop of efficiency from our workflows.

The manner in which we collaborate and manage information has changed radically. Data is no longer simply forwarded by e-mail from one person to the next, but now shared in real time. We also want document collaboration to flow uninterrupted, and to share large data attachments as easily as possible.

However, all of this presents a significant challenge for corporate IT. Shadow IT platforms such as Dropbox and WhatsApp spread quickly as workarounds for the problem of sharing large – and even confidential – volumes of data.


By Your Side in a Digital World


With COMPAREX by your side, you can create a modern workplace based upon Office 365. A collaborative platform that not only ensures greater productivity and satisfaction, but also guarantees data security through eliminating the need for shadow IT.

The Modern Workplace Strategy with COMPAREX

The Modern Workplace with COMPAREX ensures you have an experienced partner to accompany your digital journey throughout the entire cloud lifecycle.  

We recommend Office 365 as one of the optimal collaboration platforms for a smooth transition into the digital world of work.



As a strong service partner, COMPAREX can implement your requirements for a modern workplace, whilst also providing a 360° care package based upon its comprehensive portfolio following your successful rollout. 

COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management

We analyse your individual concerns and requirements, and together define a tailored solution.

In addition to 'Onboarding', the COMPAREX Unified Cloud Management service is available in three different modules – you decide what really matters for your organisation.

COMPAREX Academy Learning Services

Our live webinars and online training platform will help enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organisation.

Offering unique services, the COMPAREX Academy CloudCampus is an international training platform for your company.

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