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Don't stress over jargon 'digitisation' is simply a term that describes the transition into a global, digital world, and the manner in which relevant technologies are restructuring the business world and society as a whole.

This means that companies urgently require purposeful alignment with the progressive digitisation of all sectors in order to guarantee sustained benefit.

The Modern Workplace is a key element in a company's digital transformation. Particularly, up-to-date IT equipment enhances the efficiency of your staff and contributes to the success of the company.

The collaborative world created by Microsoft now offers extensive interfaces and platforms for efficient and productive work, with shared environments that place a primary focus on the issue of security. With COMPAREX by your side, digital transition, alignment and reorientation will become real opportunities for your company.


By Your Side in a Digital World


Building your Modern Workplace with COMPAREX gives you an experienced partner to accompany your digital journey throughout the entire cloud life cycle:

  Software procurement and licence management

  Conception, implementation and support for IT infrastructures and solutions

  Courses and training for staff

COMPAREX implements your requirements for a modern workplace, whilst also providing a 360° care package based upon its comprehensive portfolio following your successful rollout. 


Work with COMPAREX to create a Modern Workplace for your organisation.

Anfoderungen an moderne ArbeitplätzeSource: Arbeitsplatz-der-Zukunft-Studie 2017 (IDG Research Services, Munich); www.computerwoche.de/a/der-arbeitsplatz-der-zukunft,3211574; www.arbeits-abc.de/arbeitsplatz-der-zukunft


Surveys indicate that only 13 percent of employees are satisfied with the technical equipment at their workplace. Moreover, new work time models and home offices are becoming increasingly important. Around two thirds of companies already have developed a modern working environment. However, implementation is frequently complex.

Findings demonstrate that employees are demanding change, including the adoption of more modern workplace policies. A strong service partner is essential to manage migration and ease changes for employees.

Want to Create Your Modern Workplace?

The collaborative world created by Microsoft can be complex and overwhelming. COMPAREX runs various events and webinars throughout the year to support and enable our customers to optimise their software estate, and learn how they can take their solutions to the next level.

Join us and engage with our specialists and partners. Share in their knowledge, and and learn how COMPAREX can support your digital transformation.

Modern Workplace Knowledge Hub

Read blog articles by COMPAREX experts on shaping Modern Workplaces. Learn how your organisation can follow the trend and embrace modern working. Always prioritised with COMPAREX: cost, security, optimised licensing and productivity.


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