Yes, we know, another name change and licensing change from Microsoft. Another layer of confusion and trying to navigate the world of Microsoft licensing has become ever more complex.

COMPAREX is here to help you navigate the always changing landscape from Microsoft.

Last week was Microsoft’s Annual Partner Conference – now titled “Inspire”. Every July, following Microsoft fiscal year end, we see a ton of announcements come out regarding licensing changes, new products and services, and more!

Connect us to learn more about these announcements. But first, let’s discuss Microsoft 365.

What is Microsoft 365?

At first glance, it is a name change, just like how Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) changed to Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE), it is now called Microsoft 365. However, Microsoft has now aligned the product to match more business needs.

Microsoft 365 is split into 2 focus areas; For Business and For Enterprise.

Let’s start with Microsoft 365 For Business:

Intended for the SMB market and businesses with a maximum of 300 employees. In the past, there was Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, and Office 365 Business Essentials. Now you have a single option available to you called Microsoft 365 for Business. Microsoft 365 Business will bring the features from O365, and Windows 10 as well as device management and security features to protect your business and data.

It will officially be available for preview starting August 2, 2017 and generally available towards the end of the calendar year. It has a US List price of $20 per user per month and can be procured through CSP, MPSA, EA and Open Agreements (as well as direct through Microsoft). Contact one of our specialists to help you understand the best procurement model for your business.

Now let’s take a look at Microsoft 365 for Enterprise:

Similarly to the SPE licensing, this is a combination of Office 365, Windows 10 and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite. This is split into to levels (similar to SPE); There is E3 and E5

So, do you know which suite of products is right for your business? Do you know what your future licensing model looks like? Or maybe – you have the licensing, but are not using it to its full potential.

That is what COMPAREX is here to assist you with. We have a team of licensing experts, deployment architects, and services engineers who can help from the planning stages, straight through to complete management of your Microsoft 365 environment.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, our job is to help Microsoft customers navigate this ever changing landscape and to make the most of their Microsoft investments.

And don’t forget – Exchange 2007 is now end of life – now is the time to take advantage of Microsoft 365!

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