Global cyberattack

Last week, the world was rocked by a global cyberattack, the biggest in history. In 150 countries, 200,000 individuals and businesses were the victims of this attack.

This cyber attack uses the Microsoft leak: SMBv1. Microsoft explains how you can disable SMBv1 in the various Windows versions. Note: only disable SBMv1. SMBv2 and 3 are important for the good operation of your Windows systems.

      •    Disabling SMBv1
      •    Patching SMBv1

Ransomware is becoming increasingly common, a persistent problem which according to recent studies is not going anywhere anytime soon. Clients of COMPAREX are also being targeted and their data ransomed more frequently. They then ask us for advice on how to deal with it and how to prevent such infections. Eric Bruseker, security specialist, explains in his blog how you can prevent being held hostage.

Don’t want to be a victim of cybercrime?

Then it’s important to know the constant changes in the market. With our knowledge of trends in the security market and our independent advice relating to the different software solutions, we will be happy to help you with your security strategy and its implementation. Colleague Roël Bouman explains in his blog how you can arm your organization against cybercrime.

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