With COMPAREX SoftCare you revolutionize your IT procurement by choosing a single software provider: this allows you to buy all licenses with globally defined margins, contact persons and SLA's from COMPAREX. You will substantially cut your costs by eliminating time consuming quotations and removing sourcing redundancies.

In addition we offer international sourcing consultancy for large contract volumes (e.g. Microsoft Enterprise Agreements). Besides that, we provide best price sourcing with automated price comparisons by using our Dynamic Global & Local Sourcing. And did we mention: Of course we unlock all available vendor incentives (e.g. deal registrations) and share arbitrage effects with you!

With COMPAREX SoftCare you choose one powerful provider for different software vendors.
Thereby we provide you with:

  • Globally defined conditions for each vendor  
  • Globally defined contact persons
  • Globally defined delivery (central to local, local to local)

If required by our customers, we include an additional Single Point of Contact (SPOC), create maintenance contracts and setup a seamless B2B integration with our eProcurement platform.

Please find detailed information about the core components of COMPAREX SoftCare below:

With Dynamic Global & Local Sourcing - which applies to non-Microsoft products - you can eliminate the time consuming practice of quotations and substantially cut your process costs. In addition, you can avoid risks with automated and legally compliant transactions.

Dynamic Global Sourcing

  • Select your 30 most important vendors and obtain the best international price for all products.

Dynamic Local Sourcing

  • For all other vendors, obtain the best local price for all products.

With the International Sourcing - which applies above all to Microsoft products - COMPAREX searches, finds and provides the best international sourcing option, agreement option and agreement type.

Our specialists conduct deep dive workshops to substantially lower your procurement costs. Thereby we analyze your software landscape in four steps and design the optimal sourcing model for you, taking the following into account:

Step 1

Demand analysis of core products

 Step 2

Demand analysis of additional products

 Step 3

Consolidation into procurement model

 Step 4

Support for contract negotiations

With the GainShare component of COMPAREX SoftCare we give you access to all software vendor related backend fees including rebates, DealReg‘s, incentives and promotions.

Unlock ALL those incentives and profit from the arbitrage effects with a contractual guarantee (Auditable – OpenBook)!

 Potential Saving Generators of COMPAREX SoftCare

  • Dynamic Sourcing: Savings resulting from automated global sourcing.
  • Fixed Best-Price Margins: Lower average margins on every order.
  • Contract Optimization: Savings resulting from renewals and contract mgmt.
  • Sourcing Monitoring: Elimination of redundant and non-standard orders.
  • GainShare: Access to all vendor incentives incl. rebates, DealReg‘s etc.
  • Procurement Integration: Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs by a B2B connection with a standardized shopping basket.

 Your Benefits at a Glance

 Reduced Effort
  • Number of all offers to ZERO
  • Only one quarterly business report (QBR) needed
  • Global price compliance
  • Global tax compliance
 Reduced Costs
  • Int. best price or local best price incl. GainShare for TOP 30 vendors
  • GainShare for Deal Registrations
  • Finding the best vendor agreement
  • Prevention of non-standard orders
 Increased Efficiency
  • One standard report for SAM
  • One standard B2B connection
  • One standard provider globally
  • One standard report for the procurement department

Start Revolutionizing Your IT Procurement Today!

There's no better way than to find out for yourself how COMPAREX SoftCare can bring your IT procurement to the next level: Buy all licenses worldwide with globally defined margins, contact persons and SLA´s.

Contact us today and our COMPAREX SoftCare experts will get back to you promptly.

With COMPAREX SoftCare you are choosing one single provider for your standard software. Core benefits are:

  •  Cutting process costs
  •  Removing sourcing redundancies
  •  International best price sourcing
  •  Worldwide delivery

Success Story: COWI

"Finding a new international partner like COMPAREX has been a game changer for us.", Claus Hagen Nielsen (CIO, COWI A/S)

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