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  • You know how to actively listen to customers to identify the current situation, challenges, and goals.
  • You are able to manage workshops and visualize discussed contents, e. g. on a whiteboard.
  • You demonstrate customers what Azure can do for them.
  • You are able to put yourself in the shoes of an administrator as well as an IT service manager to make convincing arguments.
  • You organize customer appointments, including preparation and follow-up, such that all participants on the customer's end, if possible, gain personal benefits from the appointment and you receive all information to make an unbeatable offer in the ideal case.
  • You can develop negotiation strategies and you know how to successfully exploit business opportunities.
  • This all happens in a very dynamic environment.
  • The market, the available services, and perceivable solution scenarios develop rapidly, so you have to keep yourself up-to-date at all times. For this purpose, you should be proactive and ambitious and be interested in and have fun with this topic.
  • You work in an agile team.

 Expertise and Skills

  • You know the difference between virtual machines, container and app services.
  • You know which data storage options are available in Azure, which differences there are, and how development and test systems in Azure can be displayed.
  • Your are familiar with SQL, NoSQL and Data Warehouse as well as with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and Cosmos DB
  • You can explain how data can be analyzed using Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, and Machine Learning, for example.
  • You can explain what vertical scaling (scale-up) and horizontal scaling (scale-out) is and when to use which.

 What do we offer

  • The opportunity to contribute to an exciting new global strategy.
  • Individual growth opportunity within in the leading global business transformation topic
  • The tools to be successful and the backing of a global organization.
  • A strong focus on continuous professional development.

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Emilia Michalczyk

Emilia Michalczyk

Human Resources

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