Brian Kainec, Global Head of Presales UCM & CCM at COMPAREX, answered several questions about the current marketplace and his thoughts on where things are headed.


How were you chosen to represent COMPAREX  at the first Cloud Conference in Romania and how was this experience for you?

For the past 7 years, I have been working with customers here in the US with their digital transformation journey. Since the US market is a few years ahead of Romania in terms of cloud adoption, I think there are interesting insights we can provide our customers there.

My experience in Romania was wonderful. I had the opportunity to speak with a number of CIOs and what I found is that they are very keen to hear what lessons we have learned so there can make more intelligent and informed decisions for their organizations. I also got a chance to enjoy your local food and culture a bit, which was very nice.


What can you tell us about your presentation at the Business Session?

We really wanted to focus on the lessons learned from a partner prospective. When I was working on the presentation the question I kept asking myself was “what would our customers want to know if they were going to migrate to Office 365 all over again?”. I was hoping to show the business leaders in that session some of the challenges you can expect to face when doing a migration, and how to best overcome them.


What is your opinion of The Cloud Conference's concept and how does this bring benefit and essential information for clients and future users?

I really liked it. I like there were two separate tracks that allowed both sides of IT to focus on what was important to them and their roles.


What perspectives do you see at global level and in the Romanian market regarding cloud services?

I think the biggest thing I see is the acceleration towards digital transformation that is happening everywhere, especially in countries like Romania.As a result, I think gap in cloud adoption between countries like the US and Romania is shrinking rapidly!