COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop VIEW
COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop VIEW

"How can I discover my opportunities?"

Office 365 is new to us. It offers countless possibilities with all its applications. But how can my business benefit from these exactly? I would like to know how I can leverage the potential of Microsoft Office 365 for our needs.

"Why should I use all these Office 365 applications?"

Office 365 was recently implemented at our company. So, it’s not new to us but now, I would like to have a clear explanation for using a particular Office 365 app. There are so many helpful features that can support my business – I’d like to get to know this and see, what it brings.

"How do I keep up to date with all the new apps?"

We already use Office 365 extensively in our company, but more and more new applications and functionalities are being added. How do we keep up with them and not miss out on important opportunities?

Inspired instead of bored

"This workshop was really great! I have never seen anything like that. Microsoft Teams was already known to us, but there was an "AHA!" moment when I saw the integration of third-party apps, e.g. for project management, collaboration with external partners or teamwork. It was really nice to see real and practical examples and not generic content as usual. Well done!"

Finance Executive from a large European bank

Social Proof VIEW Finance Executive

COMPAREX VIEW for Office 365 at a Glance

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Apply Office 365 values to your individual needs

With the COMPAREX Value Inspiration and Experience Workshop (VIEW), you will get a hands-on workshop for Microsoft Office 365 and its applications. The workshop is made for companies and users who feel overwhelmed by the countless features and endless growing opportunities of Office 365 applications, such as Teams, OneDrive, Skype, Yammer and Delve. VIEW offers the possibility to discover and experience your personal and business value with in Office 365.

Our business scenario videos inspire you to find the values that are suited to your individual needs. We then work with you to categorize the values to 1. reduce costs 2. work faster, better and more efficiently 3. increase security.

The VIEW is customized according to your specific needs, situation and timeline, as your individual Office 365 implementation.

Discover your individual value

Discover your individual value of Office 365 as you discover the opportunities of each application. After the workshop, you will know how to apply these to your individual needs.

Work more productively and efficiently

Work more productively and efficiently because VIEW brings not only theoretical understanding, but also concrete values for your company in day-to-day task fulfillment.

Adapt best practices

Adapt best practices for Office 365 applications which are showcased during the VIEW using the COMPAREX collaboration matrix and circle combined with hands-on examples.



Inspired instead of bored

The VIEW is meant to be an inspiration and experience workshop, not a training session.


Customized instead of generic

Apply the general value of Office 365 to your individual needs.


Focus on what matters

Depending on your business needs, the top Office 365 applications are featured.


Flexible in length

The duration of the workshop can range from few hours to a full day.


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What our customers say

Social Proof VIEW CEO

“I got business values instead of just features.”

Heather, CEO

“I really liked the format of the VIEW for Office 365. It was easy to understand, visual, evoking emotions with a lot of “AHA!” moments and ideas how to improve our productivity and reduce stress. My highlight was the translation of Office 365 features into business values.”

Social Proof VIEW Sales Director

“Thanks to Collaboration Matrix and Videos I now see more clearly.”

Robin, Sales Director

“There was a collaborative atmosphere on the training and we had fun by discussing the different scenarios. Especially I liked the high quality business scenario videos, which were really inspiring. And thanks to the Collaboration Matrix I now have an inner "compass" for the correct use of the respective Office 365 applications.”

What our experts say


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COMPAREX eBook: Office 365 Plans and Included Apps

With the growing number of available services in Office 365, it is easy to get confused. But don’t worry - we have compiled an eBook for you, which provides an overview of the most useful apps and tools included in different Office 365 plans and shows how they can help you to boost your collaboration and productivity within your company.

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