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COMPAREX – Partner of Citrix Systems

A proven partnership of over a decade.

COMPAREX and Citrix can rely and reflect on long lasting partnership. For more than 10 years COMPAREX is recognized as a specialised, certified, and rewarded Citrix partner. In order to achieve this acknowledgement, COMPAREX invested heavily into the development of an international strategic Citrix business, and therefore, extended the Citrix sales force as well as the Citrix-focused consultants within COMPAREX significantly.

 Citrix Platinum Partner

 Citrix Gold Partner

 Citrix Silver Partner

Due to the close partnerships around the world, COMPAREX is considered as one of the greatest Citrix resellers in EMEA region with a huge territorial reach and coverage, meaning in detail that COMPAREX unites 80 sales and 113 technical certifications covering all Citrix solutions, the licensing options as well as their implementation. Therefore, COMPAREX employees are equipped with a profound knowledge base offering our customers an outstanding level of services and support.

 We have certified specialists

  •   Citrix Sales Certifications: 80 employees
  •   Citrix Technical Certification: 113 employees

Moreover, COMPAREX is one of the lucky partners being allowed to attend the world’s leading events concerning sales techniques or technical expertise in order to stay always one step ahead regarding knowledge base and being able to give first-hand information straightly to our customers. Additionally, following the good-standing relationship to Citrix, COMPAREX addresses customer challenges and needs concerning products and programs directly towards the vendor so that all aspects can be taken into consideration regarding possible future-enhancements. Therefore, COMPAREX regularly is invited to Citrix Partner Councils, such as the Technical Expert Council, which is an honor only few dedicated partners receive.

 We are awarded globally

  •   Most Innovative Project
  •   Most Certified Partner
  •   Greatest Citrix XenDesktop Deal in 2013

You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of Citrix.

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