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A powerful, unified cloud solutionOracle Platinum Partner: Cloud Standard

Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company with more than 84,000 employees worldwide. To continue driving innovation, the company invests more than $3 billion a year into research and development.

Oracle provides organisations of all sizes with a robust data and information infrastructure that enables flexibility and reliability in dynamic markets. These solutions are built upon over 30 years of data management experience.

 Oracle Platinum Partner: Cloud Standard

With our worldwide Platinum status, we can leverage our expertise to support customers across the globe and offer competitive pricing.

 We have certified Oracle specialists

With approximately 120 certifications across the COMPAREX Group, we have proven knowledge and are accredited to deliver the support our customers demand.

You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the Oracle products and licensing website

For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.