‘Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'’ – Did you know that song was released in 1980? Ironically, it probably feels that long since you last actually worked 9 to 5.

If the world knew then what it knows now, the title of that song would have sounded closer to ‘Working all the time, with a little social intermission’. Catchy, eh?

The debate of whether technology makes us more productive or provides no ‘off button’ is a well-worn topic, but there’s no escaping the fact that we’re becoming increasingly adept at predicting what technology is likely to bring to our lives. It’s called innovation.

Although we recognise the term ‘innovation’, the reality is there are only a handful of technology companies that consistently continue to lead and reflect the needs of the modern market.  

Any vendor seeking to service a 9-5 market today, needs either a healthy dose of reality or a fully-functional flux capacitor (one of the two).

So this month, we’re singling out the much coveted VMware; an organisation that has struck the enviable balance of being both relevant to the current market providing the tools to embrace the forthcoming generations of technology – and that’s no small thing, given the pace with which the world currently moves.

Enter Workspace ONE from Stage Left

“He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past”

While we’re not suggesting you grab a bunch of mates, form your own dystopian government and start editing historical records, George Orwell had a point. Getting a grip on your present day circumstances tends to put you in a favorable position for whatever might come your way.

When VMWare launched the Workspace ONE platform sitting with their End User Computing division, it made no excuses that it was presenting itself both for ‘the now’ and for ‘what’s to come’, with consumer simplicity and Enterprise Security. To put it simply, Workspace ONE integrates identity, apps, desktops and mobility with device management and security.

Now if you have a mobile workforce that employs any form of SaaS or Windows Apps across different device operating systems, you need to make room in your life for a new best friend with Workspace ONE.

The distinction between the function of a PC and a mobile device is on its way out and as Windows 10 grows a big set of hairy legs, all devices accessing cloud services on and off the network is accelerating faster than something, well, really fast.

So what does that really mean? Well, you have an expanding list of devices accessing an equally evolving list of applications; including legacy and modern windows apps, SaaS and mobile apps which presents IT with a challenge – to put it very, very nicely.

We crown ‘Context’ the new Virtual King

Enter the undisputed kings of ‘Contextual Awareness’. The VMware digital workspace catalogs all applications and uses ‘contextual awareness’ to deliver the right applications to the right device.

With mobile devices making eye-contact a thing of the past, these shiny appendages that we hold in our hand or place on our laps have changed the way that we work and play. The trouble is, they’ll also change again ‘tomorrow’ (probably before you even have a chance to do a software update) which makes the ability to deliver today but plan for tomorrow, all the more poignant.

The need for ‘any app, anytime on any device’ is showing no signs of slowing up, making VMware’s digital workspace ‘contextual awareness’ the answer to more than just a few questions raised by technologists.

By unifying all applications and intelligently delivering the right apps to the right device and virtualizing the application with one management platform, Workspace ONE offers any organisation the ability to radically simplify how application device and identity management is done today.

Who ordered the Digital Coalescence?

Who would’ve thought that everyday household objects connected through Wi-Fi would become more than a science fiction film gimmick? But yet, here we are. That’s why the IOT is starting to enjoy similar column inches that Cloud has dominated for so many years (and with good reason).

You could ask what this has to do with VMware and the answer is annoyingly simple; they have a solid track record of providing platforms that embrace where technology currently thrives and is also heading.

We know that the days of 9 to 5 have long since passed and our culture demands an ‘always on, we want it now’ service or we’ll disconnect quicker than you can ask for a Wi-Fi password.

So how do you keep yourself relevant and contextual to a market that moves at such unforgiving speed? Well firstly, you set the bar, define the market direction and then you give it a platform within which to thrive and that my friend, is VMware Workspace ONE.

For a demo on this almighty tour de force, please contact our Virtualisation & Storage Specialist:

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