"It’s always good to start with a little bit of honesty"; we’ve heard that line (or variations of it) churned out by a ridiculous number of Cloud Service Providers more times than you can shake a memory stick at.

And quite frankly, it’s driving us crazy.

We know that the Cloud can change our working policies for the better because of its increased flexibility. We know it has increased our accessibility to our data ten-fold, meaning we no longer resort to solely relying on bulky, on-premise services. We know we can’t afford not to take advantage of it, considering not only how much valuable information our customers give us, but the potential to provide a better service/product/customer experience (take your pick) as a result of it.

“And for my next trick…”

If the Cloud is going to change the way we work, then it’s time we stopped relying on the same old tricks and tried something new. Try thinking of the Cloud as a metaphor for a big, cute rabbit. Of course, both are traditionally white and fluffy, but there’s only so many times you can pull it out of your hat and shout “ta-da!” before the audience gets bored and finds a more entertaining show. Unless your business starts coming up with new ways to get the best out of Cloud, then your customers will start using a competitor who can because they’ll ultimately receive a better experience.

It doesn’t take a mind trick to realise that a competitive advantage, because of smart Cloud usage, is probably due to your rivals having a meaningful way to use big data stashed up their sleeves. In fact, we’re positive you know this; you have big data as well. So do we, and so does every other business in today’s information-heavy working environment. What differentiates us all is how effectively we’re able to leverage it.

“Go big or go home”

The trouble is, getting big data to work for you in a way that makes sense, comes with all the problems you’d expect: increased costs, massive volume and difficulty with scaling. These still shouldn’t deter you from implementing big data as part of your business as the Cloud bears most of the burden that comes hand-in-hand with it (assuming you have the correct procedures in place for effective DR).

Then, it’s a matter of matching the right data management software with the right portability features. This’ll allow for a reduced cost due to the lower charge for Cloud services (as opposed to a physical server and the transfer of information between the Cloud and other platforms), as well as easy movement of data at a larger scale.

Then you can start to have some fun, taking advantage of data in ways that you never would’ve even considered. You know, so the marketing hype isn’t just hype.

All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others

Since big data is sourced from your customers (transactions, emails, social media, log data), it’s only natural to learn more about them as you begin to harness what the information can genuinely deliver – especially the loyal ones, likely due to repeated interactions. Every customer is clearly important, but considering how precious and fickle customer loyalty can be, it makes sense to love those that you have and make yourself attractive to those that you don’t.

By way of example, with the access to the appropriate data detailing their subject’s history with the company, a customer service agent might be able to tailor their responses with the goal of retained loyalty (since it’s more cost-effective to maintain current customers than it is to attract new ones, this is a feasibly standard goal for organisations). The conversation becomes more personalised, the agent is more at ease and most importantly, the customer feels more assured that the issue is being resolved in the right manner.

Take the Cloud and data management software out of the equation? Forget it. The sheer size of the data would’ve increased the amount of time it would’ve taken to get to the agent’s screen (given it would’ve likely been pulled from the Cloud).

Also, the ensuing conversation would’ve likely resulted from a cookie-cutter script, or even worse, the customer may have been placed on hold. All it would’ve taken was few choice errors and before you know it, the previously loyal customer will be on their bike to your nearest competitor faster than you can say “from one to five, how would you rate our service today?”

With great power, comes great re… -turn on investments

The Cloud has undoubtedly made the transition from marketing hype to a meaningful platform that delivers, but many organisations are yet to make the leap that moves from glorified pockets to epic business enablement.

We know this much: with the sheer multitude of possibilities at our fingertips, what we should be asking ourselves is how we can change the way the Cloud works for the better with all of the learnings that we have gleaned since its inception.

Find out just how much of a place data management software has alongside your cloud services by contacting a member of the COMPAREX team at, or our specialist at ORIIUM

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