As we approach the end of 2017, it’s only natural to start to think about the trends for the year-to-come. At COMPAREX, we believe that cloud optimisation is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. Specifically, that 2018 will be the year that companies start to get really serious about managing cloud consumption and costs.


Most businesses today have a good understanding of the advantages of the cloud and how to use it to fulfil their business goals. As a result, the general trend towards cloud services and cloud deployments shows no sign of slowing.

Improving cloud ROI

In fact, 451 Research has stated that more than two thirds of businesses now expect to operate within a multi-cloud environment by 2019. In short, the more cloud services are seen to benefit businesses, the more cloud services are adopted.

However, it’s at this point – once IT departments have grown used to the cloud as an everyday presence, and have begun to layer-in additional applications and services – that IT Managers generally start to notice the ‘cracks’ in their infrastructure. Perhaps they realise that they’re receiving differing levels of service from their cloud providers, or that they have multiple, differing SLAs in place which are challenging to monitor. Maybe they find they’re overspending, or maybe the cloud applications they have in place simply aren’t fit for purpose and require re-architecting.

Either way, it’s seldom you’d find a business that wouldn’t benefit from optimising its cloud environment.

Managed services can support better cloud management and optimisation

As a result, (and as IDC has recently pointed out), the market is seeing strong uptake of services supporting public and hybrid cloud environments –

“Spending on managed and professional services around cloud adoption are, collectively, the second largest opportunity in the whole cloud market, accounting for 31% of all cloud-related spending in 2016 and 2021.”

To regain control over their cloud assets in 2018, organisations will increasingly look to managed services. The tools and services can provide deep visibility into, and comprehensive reporting on, the performance and utilisation of their cloud environment, and can enable them to track and control costs and consumption in real-time.

As the adoption of cloud services within enterprises continues to increase, (with a predicted CAGR of 18% by 2021), CIOs can get ahead of the curve by investing today in systems and processes that will allow them to make the best-possible use of their cloud spend in the future.

    Optimise your cloud service today!

For more information on how COMPAREX can assist you in your cloud journey, please take a look at the cloud services we offer. This includes cloud licensing, our Global Managed Services, and a new programme of workshops are soon to be announced!


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