Digitalisation has changed the way in which students want to study and educators want to teach. Every area – from primary to secondary, to further and higher education – has been impacted by digital transformation.

Digital natives – the bulk of today’s students – have high expectations of educational technology; demanding developments such as mobile devices in the classroom, virtual learning environments, teaching via video, and online assessment.

Particularly in higher education, more than ever, universities are in greater competition to attract students and faculty. How digitally ‘sophisticated’ an institution is forms part of the decision-making process for students choosing where to study, and staff choosing where to teach.

Add to this picture the growing interest in MOOCs – massive open online courses – where teaching and learning is solely conducted online, and it’s easy to see how the role of technology in education is crucial.

Opportunity knocks?

This ongoing disruption is both a challenge and an opportunity for CIOs in education institutions. IT departments have become a key cog in the wheel, working to modernise legacy IT systems that deliver digital solutions. They strive to meet the needs of thousands of students, and help staff work productively on any device they choose, from home, on the go, and across campuses. In addition, there is the need for robust cyber-security enforcement which protects staff and students’ personal data, and minimises vulnerabilities to the institution’s networks.

It is a particularly complex environment for CIOs to operate in, and they must deliver manageable, scalable and secure solutions across diverse networks and devices. IT departments must also take care to ensure the user experience is intuitive and consistent, and helps boost student outcomes.

As digital learning expands beyond the classroom, it’s up to the IT department to meet these needs, and connect campuses and communities in innovative ways. The good news for education CIOs, is that there are a number of solutions to help them safely and effectively support digital transformation.

VMWare Horizon is a virtualisation platform which is already helping many schools to virtualise their desktop experience, on both school-issued and BYO- devices. Horizon helps CIOs stay in control by also providing centralised manageability on the backend.

VMWare AirWatch simplifies mobility and endpoint management for schools – so that any student, over any device, and through any connection, can collaborate and learn safely.

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