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Ahh, SQL Server; one of our favourite database products jam-packed with a range of moving parts.

With data having become the lifeblood of business, it’s key we have latest-and-greatest technology implemented to maximise its potential usage. In keeping with the current trend of digital transformation, it is more vital than ever that technical innovation is actually practical and supports the transformation of data into intelligent business action.

Microsoft call this latest release, SQL Server 2016, their ‘biggest leap forward in…data platform history’ –

‘Gain real time insights across…transactional and analytical data with a scalable database platform that has everything built in, from unparalleled in-memory performance, new security innovations and high availability, to advanced analytics that make mission-critical applications intelligent.’

If that doesn’t sound appealing to you data analytics-fiends out there, I don’t know what will.

And with four editions, each with different capabilities to cater to a range of business and developer needs, there’s something for everyone.

But wait…

...don’t get too excited just yet.

First you must make sure you know what your current SQL estate looks like. The stereotypical adage that 'licensing for SQL Server is notoriously complex' may mean things aren’t as neat and tidy as they can be.

It’s a pretty costly piece of kit, so when it comes round to audit season, Microsoft’s eyes are pretty beady here.

Evaluate your current state of affairs before you go full-speed ahead and create a car-crash of non-compliance (…and yes, of course COMPAREX can help).

Start your engines!

Once we have a clearer picture, that’s when we can start optimising your license procurement moving forward onto the 2016 release – making sure you have no more and no less that what you need.

(Our experienced Microsoft specialists are particularly great at handing all those niggly licensing bits.)

To get started on the ‘road to SQL Server readiness’, get all the details about how COMPAREX can help you optimise your SQL Server estate, and check out our global microsite for more product information.


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