Inspiring employees can be a struggle for even the strongest of companies. But how can you encourage collaboration and productivity for your business, whilst still satisfying everyone?

Oh, and there's always the issue of security...


Every organisation, whatever the sector or market, strives to be more productive. In a recent Microsoft survey of 3,600 employees, the majority of respondents said they are actually more productive and efficient when working remotely – and this certainly mirrors the last decade’s increasing trend of more companies looking to connect remote workforces and safely facilitate mobile working.

With the ability to work collaboratively while on the move, employees can be happier, more creative and more productive. The rise of remote working will also reduce costs and carbon footprints of businesses as office spaces can be smaller and potentially serve more than one primary function – a win-win for the CFO’s purse strings and also for the environment. Taking these factors together, it’s not surprising to see research estimating that 75% of Europe’s workforce will be mobile by as soon as 2018.

Create apps workers want to use

For businesses to achieve the ultimate benefits remote and mobile working can deliver, they must provide technologies that enable employees to collaborate effectively and securely.

This includes the use of cloud, and fully embracing ‘bring-your-own device’ (BYOD) and ‘bring-your-own application’ (BYOA) policies. Creating a whitelist of approved devices and applications as part of an end-to-end strategy for both BYOD and BYOA is the key to protecting the corporate infrastructure and data from security threats.

Ultimately, employees like using intuitive applications they are already familiar with from their everyday lives. If the corporate applications introduced are too complex or cumbersome to use, employees will turn to applications that sit outside the boundaries of the IT departments ‘whitelist’ of apps, which can expose both workers and the business to security risks.

This is one of every CIO’s perennial worries, given almost half (46%) of UK businesses fell victim to a cyber-attack last year, according to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Provide secure solutions that inspire productivity

Today, there is no shortage of solutions on offer to help CIOs deliver secure remote working. Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) is one example of bringing together the best of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise to provide the security and usability required by the mobile workforce. Microsoft SPE also has the advantage of enabling IT departments with deep analytics capabilities, allowing them to spot potential threats and nefarious trends before they become real threats.

In addition to Microsoft’s applications, SPE users also benefit from solutions which enable real-time, seamless collaboration, such as Skype for Business. Additional components such as telephony and instant messaging, can be further optimised when delivered by unified communications experts, such as Exactive.

    Learn more about SPE and Skype for Business.

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  •  01/08/2017

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