Having a well-managed software portfolio can offer you business a wide range of benefits, particularly in way of protecting you from overspending and auditing fines. And let’s not forget the favourite buzzword ‘GDPR‘. Compliance is always king...


According to Gartner, companies can reduce their software expenditure by up to 30% through simple, but effective, software portfolio management and optimisation.

Effective software asset management (SAM) can provide businesses with detailed insight of all the different applications that are in use, so that they can identify applications which are redundant, or carry out similar functions, and determine whether they are actually at all needed.

This level of transparency not only empowers businesses to make informed decisions on the software it uses, but also ensures they are better prepared for licensing renewals and impromptu audits – particularly to avoid costly penalties!

A match made in heaven

An additional benefit of software asset management, is that it enables organisations to identify unauthorised and outdated applications, which can expose organisations to security risks.

With an extensive overview of the software in use, including the version and patch level, organisations can recognise which applications are no longer supported by the supplier’s in-built protection; allowing them to identify vulnerabilities and risks, and take preventative action to strengthen information security.

This is vital in keeping cyberattacks at bay. After all, it was a failure to patch a vulnerability that enabled the data breach at Equifax, which hit 400,000 UK consumers.

A happy future together

To reduce costs and fortify cyber-defences in one fell swoop, organisations require a platform that can identify installed software and related data, such as edition, version and patch level at the push of a button.

Best-of-breed technologies can conduct analyses on installed applications to recognise where savings can be made – whether that be by removing superfluous software or buying packaged solutions ­– and how vulnerabilities can be reduced. The COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform does this with an intuitive interface and enables companies to effectively marry increased security with reduced costs.

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Learn how the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform can provide comprehensive visiblity of the software information installed within your organisation.


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