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Cloud is unavoidably becoming an increasingly integral part of business life.

In their 2017 trends report, RightScale have found 'hybrid' to be the Cloud-of-choice in enterprise cloud strategy. With SQL Server 2016 being built for hybrid cloud, it reflects the investment into technology supporting this progression…whilst showing that Microsoft still appreciates the reluctance of some who enjoy the best of both worlds; to fully migrate from their dusty dependable server stacks, or have a scepticism of going all-the-way public with their Cloud platform.

Stretching your data – and your budget – further than ever before

Let’s keep it simple: rather than scaling-up pricier on-premise storage, stretch data to the Cloud. Azure storage can be up to 40% less expensive.

Your data is always online and available, with seamless access, and you can provide longer data retention timelines without breaking the bank.

As secure as a server?

With the GDPR deadline edging ever-closer, keeping data safe-and-sound should be at the forefront of business decision-makers’ minds.

‘Always Encrypted’ is built in to SQL Server 2016, where data can be encrypted while at rest and in motion (both on-premises and in the cloud). One of the key new features is ‘Transparent Queryable Encryption’, which lets users query that data while it is encrypted, with very little overhead.

A happy medium of security and accessibility – what more could you want?

Working it out together

We can take you right back to the basics of storage in Azure, all the way to the high-level technicalities of ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ as part of our workshop, Introduction to Databases & Storage in Azure (and this is just a taste!).

Learn to maximise the potential of SQL Server 2016 by seeing what supporting your data in the cloud can do to digitally transform your business.

Want to learn more and see if a hybrid database solution is right for you? (Warning: it probably is…)
Get all the details about how COMPAREX can help you optimise your SQL Server estate, and check out our global microsite for more product information.


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