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The end of your journey to SQL Server 2016 is in sight!

So you know Microsoft’s latest-and-greatest is right for you? Through Volume Licensing programs, there are two versions you can procure: Standard, and Enterprise.

And to support you in your decision making, here are three tips and things to consider when licensing for SQL Server:

Getting Software Assurance

Whilst it may cost you initially as an add-on, Software Assurance (SA) has a wide range of benefits to help you take full advantage of you IT investment, for example, you will be able to reduce software and services costs with rights to new software releases and cost-efficient upgrades.

However, don’t go in blind – ensure all the pros and cons are weighed-up before you commit.

Read more about SA benefits for SQL Server licensing as part of our roadmap guide.

Don’t forget about virtualisation

Virtual Servers can be licensed in a couple of different ways: either license individual virtual machines as needed, or license for maximum virtualisation in highly virtualised, private cloud, or dynamic environments.

As you consolidate existing workloads and refresh hardware, you may find that a SQL Server instance uses only a fraction of available system computing power. And when deploying databases in virtual environments, these just require a fraction of a physical server, and in turn can save you costs per virtual machine.

Take your report and recommendations into account!

 Above all else, don’t just buy what you have before. Evaluate your current licensing position – maybe you have old workloads which can be retired? Maybe you’re running various editions of SQL? Consolidation may be king here, with your true licensing needs much more straightforward than they appear at a first look.

SQL Server Licensing doesn’t have to be scary. Get all the details about how COMPAREX can help you optimise your SQL Server estate, and check out our global microsite for more product information.

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