Video technology has transformed how we communicate. From letting us connect instantly with loved ones around the world, to watching global events via livestream – there has been a revolution not only in our habits, but also in our expectations of being able to use video whenever and wherever we like. And, it might be good for business too...


Video as a communication medium continues to grow; in the last year, Facebook doubled the number of video chats made on its Messenger platform (to 17 billion between 2016 and 2017), and WhatsApp and Apple’s Facetime also remain highly popular platforms.

As a result, businesses are likely to be faced with a workforce eager to use the same, collaboration-boosting technology in the office. There is a strong market for video tech within the workforce, especially amongst ‘digital natives’. As a technology platform that can aid teamwork and allow users to collaborate and converse easily, businesses should be looking to incorporate video in the workplace wherever it can be of benefit.

Trouble-free teamwork

Collaboration and agility are key attributes organisations should strive for – not just for the sake of the business, but also for staff retention. Studies have shown a culture of collaboration and flexible working are two of the top things millennials are looking for in an employer, believing these practices also increase their productivity.

A study by Lifesize found 87 percent of employees not physically present for a meeting feel better engaged with colleagues through video, with 75 percent experiencing increased productivity and an enhanced work-life balance. Adopting technologies that enable staff to establish a balance between productivity and collaboration benefits both the employee and the employer, making the office a better place for everyone.

Solutions for modern working

Adopting solutions such as Office 365, which includes Skype for Business Cloud Voice, helps companies to build a more modern workplace that benefits all. Skype lets staff to book meetings for up to 250 people at the click of a button, offer real-time input into business-critical conversations, share screens, and much more.

Businesses integrating such tech can establish a collaborative and accommodating reputation, and also ensure barrier-free communication for the workforce. Services such as Skype for Business add a layer of much-needed flexibility, empowering staff to remain connected and present, despite physical location.

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