Every organisation has ‘blind spots’ in its IT estate, which makes asset management a substantial challenge. This is particularly true when it comes to ensuring adequate software licensing is in place. Organisations in breach of their licensing agreements will find themselves on the receiving end of potentially very large fines...


In managing a complex and diverse software estate, here are five of the biggest blindspots for CIOs to look out for to ensure reduced compliance risk, and perhaps even increased business efficiency:

1. Cloudy outlook

Businesses today run many of their applications in the cloud. However, they will often find that licensing agreements for applications were written with the on-premise world in mind. Businesses need visibility of how moving their applications from on-premise to cloud will impact agreements.

2. Finding what can’t be found

During an audit, devices may be turned off, may lack network access, or may be isolated or restricted due the presence of sensitive information. Identifying every device or software instance in such scenarios, especially where devices are regularly taken off-premises, can be very challenging.

3. Bring-your-own licence

Employee-owned devices may not afford access rights for audit purposes. But what if the individual uses their own device or installs software for work purposes? Businesses often struggle to gain access to personal devices to perform an audit, while still respecting the individual’s privacy.

4. No such thing as free

There’s no shortage of ‘free’ software available for employees to download with a few clicks. However, an online service may only be free when used for personal use, but the company becomes liable for a licence if it is used for business purposes.

5. Check what you can’t see

When surrounded by smart devices, it’s easy to overlook the basics. For example, a Unified Communication platform. Are you licensed for the correct number of users using your VoIP system? Often lacking a user interface, such devices are easy to overlook.

Visibility needed!

To avoid these blind spots, businesses must put in place monitoring tools and services that give them complete real-time visibility of all software in use. Due to the complexity of modern IT estates, many businesses will partner with a specialist to help achieve this deep insight into their licensing situation.

Such services can deliver considerable benefits, carrying out the legwork for you with specialised systems, contacting software manufacturers on your behalf to establish the software usage rights and negotiate agreements, and present information an easy-to-digest format.

    A clear, concise and professional solution.

COMPAREX SAM2GO can help organisations achieve all this and more.
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Having a well-managed software portfolio can offer you business a wide range of benefits, particularly in way of protecting you from overspending and auditing fines. And let’s not forget the favourite buzzword ‘GDPR'. Compliance is always king...
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