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Engineered for the most demanding requirements.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) began offering its technology infrastructure platform in 2006. AWS Standard Consulting PartnerNow they have over a million active customers using AWS in every imaginable way, and have developed considerable experience operating at scale.

The strength of AWS lies in the global cloud infrastructure. Currently, AWS has 52 Availability Zones (AZs) worldwide in 18 geographic Regions, including EMEA with three availability zones each in Ireland, Frankfurt, London and Paris. Users of AWS services can use several of these zones to replicate data between. There are announced plans for a further 12 AZs and four more regions.

 AWS Consulting Partner: Standard

Our budding relationship with AWS allows us to help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on the AWS cloud.

 We have certified AWS specialists

COMPAREX has AWS-certified architects, administators and developers to support our customers thoughout their digital transformation journies in 36 countries worldwide.

 We offer workshops and services

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 Cloud Computing for Education & Research - GÉANTCloudServices

GÉANT’s pan-European IaaS framework has been set up to ensure easy access to Cloud Services and Specialists for the Higher Education and Research community. COMPAREX is GÉANT’s most prolific AWS services provider, able to offer aggregated discounts of up to 4% across 24 European countries.

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You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the AWS products and licensing website

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