• COMPAREX is now SoftwareONE

    COMPAREX is now SoftwareONE.

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  • Handle your Software Portfolio more Efficiently - COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform

    Handle Your Software Portfolio ...

    ... More Efficiently

     Gain greater insight into your software

     Benefit of savings potential

     Eliminate security risks

    Portfolio Management Platform

  • License Management & Global Sourcing with COMPAREX

    COMPAREX Revolutionises ...

    ...Your IT Procurement!

     Cutting process costs

     Removing sourcing redundancies

     International best-price sourcing

    COMPAREX SoftCare

  • Handle your Office 365 Usage and Azure Consumption - COMPAREX Cloud Consumption Monitoring

    Handle Your Office 365 Usage ...

    ... and Azure Consumption

     Get a better overview of your Office 365 services

     Get control of your consumption costs

     Improve projections for your budget planning with Azure

    Cloud Consumption Monitoring

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IT Procurement Managed Service

  •  Global & Local Best-Price Sourcing

Choose a single software provider. Benefits include: cutting process costs, removing sourcing redundancies, best price sourcing, worldwide delivery. One Provider, More Savings!

Usage and Licensing in Balance

  •  Risk Management & Compliance

Proven Licence Management as a Service. Up-to-date information on your compliance status and software usage at the push of a button with SAM2GO.

Portfolio Management Platform

  •  Software Portfolio Management

Get a comprehensive overview of your software portfolio and reduce your purchasing and operating costs, avoid security risks and improve your position at the company and in negotiations.

Safe and Efficient Global Order Processing

  • eProcurement & Process Automation

Find yourself up against manufacturers’ complicated ordering processes? Optimise your purchasing and transaction processes with e-procurement by COMPAREXonline.


  •  Blog

The UK Blog features articles providng insight into the latest licensing changes, product releases and industry trends.

Solutions Across Market Sectors

  •  Market Sectors

As a global reseller, we support a number of Corporate Sector and Public Sector organisations.