COMPAREX is one of the largest global software resellers and assists many of Europe’s leading banks, retail organisations, financial institutions, technological firms, manufacturing organisations, central and local government bodies, across many technology software areas.

COMPAREX UK opened its office in 1994 and works with multiple Corporate and Public Sector organisations to understand a world of possibilities in licence procurement. By working together with our customers, we help them reduce compliance risks, cut the costs of managing and purchasing software licences, whilst increasing procurement process efficiency.

  Corporate Sector

COMPAREX UK supports many retail, manufacturing, finance, technology and transport customers with licence management and installation.

COMPAREX supports and advises our corporate customers about reducing licensing costs, international procurement sources, compliance, simplifying licence management and budget planning.

Find more information about our Corporate Sector software licensing and services here.

  Public Sector

COMPAREX UK has a dedicated Public Sector team responsible for supporting the Central Government, MOD, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations, Police, Emergency Services, Charities, Local and Regional Government councils.

COMPAREX UK is a fully accredited Public Sector supplier on multiple national framework vehicles, including:

  • Crown Commercial Service Frameworks
  • National Procurement Services Wales
  • Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium Framework (SUPC)

Find here more information about our full range of frameworks and other Public Sector services.

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